At the bride’s house: 70 photos of the preparations on the wedding day

Did you know that among the moments of the wedding that the brides remember with more emotion there are just those rich moments of waiting mixed with pleasant trepidation that characterize the pre-ceremony preparations? When you are about to wear your wedding dress , when the make-up artist finishes passing a last coat of powder on your face and you have finally put on your beautiful bridal shoes , you will look in the mirror and feel the heart of emotion explode!

Every moment, every detail, will remain engraved in your most intimate memories that will be brought to light every time you relive them by looking at your wedding album. For this reason, when you choose the photo shoot, remember to rely on a professional and talk to him about the preparations and tell him what you would like to see again and maybe not … The rest will be done by the photographer, immortalizing the most spontaneous and important moments, picking up and collecting your emotions and those of the people who will be with you at this stage.

A diva’s day: the bride is the protagonist
Let’s face it, everyone will be there for you to hang from your lips, to help you wear your wonderful mermaid wedding dress or to arrange the long train of your dreamed princess dress; they will take care of you in every way, you will be the center of attention of the people who love you and who you love, and you will feel real divas for a day … after all, this is also the beauty of the wedding, isn’t it? Surely you will not have any doubts about the people you want at your side during this delicate preparation phase but prepare so many handkerchiefs for them too, because tears of joy will not only wet your eyes … Do not forget, however, to smile often, soften the tension and will melt your face in sweet expressions thatthe photographer will capture for beautiful souvenir frames .

Photos that cannot be missed
There are some shots you can’t miss in your wedding report! The photographer will surely be able to capture the most salient moments of your preparation, immortalizing your emotions and those of those who will be around you in a completely spontaneous way, but there are some details that it is good to prepare so that you can take beautiful photos. One of these is certainly the wedding dress , that day you can finally take it out of its case and wear it officially! Take care to hang it on a wardrobe or where you can, in plain sight , making sure that it does not touch the floor: the photographer will be able to immortalize it in all its glory! Other essential shots will be those that will portray your elegant shoes , thebouquet , at the moment of her arrival at the bride’s house and in her hands, as well as moments of the bride with her parents and witnesses .

Preparation of the bride in video
To have an even more “live” memory of these fateful and indescribable moments, more and more spouses choose the wedding video in parallel with the photo report , and in particular the one that tells the whole phase of the preparations for the wedding day. It is a highly emotional video that will move you whenever you see it again …

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